Comparison/Contrast:  Longman Reader Chapter 8

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Chapter Review Notes

comparison/contrast- has three different purposes

1.  prove something is better than something else

2.  shows that things that seem different are actually alike

3.  show that things that seem alike are actually different

Suggestions for Writing:

1.  Subjects must be somewhat alike.  Brainstorm with a Venn diagram.

2.  Stay focused on purpose-only compare traits that further the purpose

3.  Formulate a strong thesis by identifying the subjects, stating whether it's comparison, contrast, or both, and identify the point for the comparison.

4.  Select the points to be discussed.

5.  Organize as Block or Point by Point

6.  Supply the reader with clear transitions.

Assignment:  Write a 300-500 word essay comparing characters from Forrest Gump.  Click here for full details.

Revision Suggestions for Comparison/Contrast


1.  Does the thesis statement identify the two subjects and which c/c goal will be addressed?


1.  Is there a balance of ideas?

2.  Are there direct quotes from the movie?


1.  Outline the subjects and traits.

2.  Is the paper block or point-by-point?

3.  Is it consistent? 

4.  Do transitions show relationships?


use present tense and 3rd pov!

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