Division/Classification:  Longman Reader Chapter 6

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Chapter Review Notes:

division-breaks a single unit into parts

classification-categorizes related items by kinds

Suggestions for Writing:

1.  Select a principle of division which addresses your purpose.

2.  Apply the principle logically:  all-inclusive and mutually exclusive

3.  Prepare an effective thesis:  state the original group, principle of division, and preview the categories.

4.  Define each category and follow up with specific examples.

5.  Organize logically and discuss comparable points.

6.  State any conclusions or recommendations in the paper's final section.

7.  Do not limit your topic to two divisions--that is a comparison/contrast.

Assignment:  Write a 300-500 words classification essay.  See p. 279 for topic ideas.  Your essay should include 3-5 categories.  Your essay can be traditional divisions such as, "An orchestra has four categories of instruments:  strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion."  You could also create your own categories for the topic such as, "The neighbors in an apartment complex can be divided into four basic types..."

Revision Suggestions for Division/Classification:


1.  Can you identify the thesis statement and the topic sentences?

2.  What is the principle of division?


1.  Is each division defined or constrained by certain parameters?

2.  Does each division use sufficient examples to clarify its defining principle?

3.  Are there enough divisions to completely cover the topic (all-inclusive)?


1.  Are the divisions mutually exclusive?

2.  What is the overall organizational pattern? 

3.  Do transitions and bridging sentences ease the paragraph flow?


3rd pov!!!!!    watch out for tense consistency

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