Exemplification:  Longman Reader Chapter 5

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Chapter Review Notes

exemplification-  using examples and details to illustrate your point

Suggestions for Writing:

1.  Start with a general statement

2.  Generate examples (apply evidence rules--see writing process outline)

3.  Select strongest examples to include and try for a variety

        personal, typical-case, hypothetical, generalized

4.  Develop examples sufficiently through primary and secondary support (see p. 173)

5.  Select an organizational plan for primary examples and use appropriate transitions

6.  Use 3rd pov to put the focus on the issues, not the author

Assignment:  Write a 300-500 word exemplification essay.  See p. 219 for topic suggestions.

Revision Suggestions for Exemplification


1.  Locate the thesis statement.  Is it at the end of the introduction?

2.  Locate the topic sentence for each body paragraph.  Does each topic sentence create an umbrella for the supporting details of its paragraph?

3.  Are there any examples that are off topic or irrelevant?


1.  Is there a variety of types of examples (personal, typical-case, hypothetical, generalized)?

2.  Are there secondary details to develop primary points?

3.  Is the evidence reliable, relevant, and representative?


1.  What overall organizational plan is used?

2.  How are the paragraphs connected?  Review p. 50.


complete sentences, consistent tense, appropriate 3rd pov

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