Narration:  Longman Reader Chapter 4

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Chapter Review Notes:

narration- tells a single true story or related episodes to convey a dominant point

Suggestions for Writing:

1.  identify the conflict in the event

2.  identify the narrative point (significance)

3.  develop only details that advance the narrative point

4.  organize chronologically (possibly use flashback?)

5.  use time signal transitions for larger gaps of time or necessary simultaneous action

6.  be vigorous and immediate (create drama!); consider using dialogue

7.  be consistent in pov (1st ok, but no 2nd) and use past tense

AssignmentWrite a 300-500 word narrative essay describing a significant personal event.

Revision Suggestions for Personal Narrative:


1.  Is the narrative point clear?  Does the introduction set up the narrative point before jumping into the events of the story?

2.  Is the conflict evident early?

3.  Is all the information relevant to advancing the narrative point?


1.  Can you picture clearly in your mind the setting and the characters?

2.  Are there strong sensory details?

3.  Are there any gaps causing confusion?


1.  Is the overall plan clear?  It should be chronological!

2.  Are the paragraphs divided up by episodes?

3.  Do transitions show time relationships?  Do transitions smooth the flow between sentences and paragraphs? 


grammar, spelling, punctuation, vivid word choice, punctuation for dialogue?

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