Process:  Longman Reader Chapter 7

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Chapter Review Notes:

process-explains the steps or sequence involved in doing something

directional (how-to) step by step so reader can do it (2nd pov)

informational (explanation) reader understands but won't actually do (3rd pov)

Process analysis will often be used in problem-solving essay prompts.

Suggestions for Writing:

1.  Identify the desired outcome of the process.

2.  Clarify your attitude toward the process in the the thesis statement.

3.  Keep your audience in mind.  How much do they already know?

4.  Identify the steps by pre-writing a flow chart.

5.  Identify whether or not the process should be directional (2nd pov) or informational (3rd pov)

6.  Organize steps into phases for paragraph breaks.

7.  Provide readers with help through warnings, transitions, guideposts.

8.  Open and close effectively.  Make sure the reader understands the need for understanding or completing the process.

Assignment:  Write a 300-500 word essay explaining a process.  See p. 335 for topic ideas.  Do not select recipes!  Make sure you pick a procedure you know well enough to explain in your own words--do not rely on outside resources.

Revision Suggestions for Process:


1.  Is the reason or importance for the process clear to the reader?

2.  Is the essay consistently directional or informational?


1.  Can you picture the steps clearly in your mind?

2.  Is there too little or too much detail?


1.  Are the steps chronological?

2.  Do the paragraphs identify larger phases in the process?

3.  Are there helpful hints for the reader to check progress?

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