Study Tips - From Students Who Have Been There

The following are study tips provided by students who have successfully completed A&PI &/or A&PII  with me.
(Thank you to those students for taking the time to help!)


Don't EVER miss lecture or lab. Pre-read Chapters and class notes ( if available) before lectures.

For me,  it was better to gather through listening rather than taking time to write notes. That's what the PowerPoint's are for :) Pay close attention when Dr. Hixon is drawing any type of diagram or puts large amount of emphasis on a process or function.  Chances are you will be tested on this type of material. Study with at least 1 to 2 classmates when preparing for an exam or quiz.  If you can teach the material then you will have a better chance of earning a good grade on exams. Do not start studying the day before or on the day of an exam.  Take at least a week and break up sections of chapters throughout the week. Review and understand lecture objectives. If you are having trouble understanding any material, go to Dr. Hixon's office. She has open office hours. Participate in class, try to answer questions


I printed power points that were available and also would hand write the notes during lecture in my own notebook, along with any drawings that Dr. Hixon would illustrate on the board. I would read through my notes at least once a day.  When it came time to prepare for the test I would use my objective list and write out individual note cards for each one using my notes from class along with any illustrations given during lecture.  This sounds backwards but after I completed the note cards I would go through the chapter with a highlighter and my objective list and find each objective and highlight the portion of the paragraph that explained the subject.  I also found Dr. Hixon's website and the mastering A and P site very helpful.  I am more of a visual learner and think the more tutorials the better. 


This class requires a serious steady study habit. It took the failure of two exams before I got that in my head. I took the exams for granted believing that studying the night before an exam would get me a passing grade, I had to fail miserably to realize that it doesn't work that way. So here are some of the steps I took to improve my grades for passing A & P.

1. Write out a study schedule and stick to it.

2. Form a study group (serious members only).

3. Meet at least twice weekly. (for at least 3hrs with 10-15min break intervals)

4. Do not ONLY study when you're with your group. (read over for at least 1hr and 30mins on days the group doesn't meet up)

5. Follow the objectives.

6. Don't read to remember but read to understand.

7. Always quiz each other after covering a topic.

8. Have no shame if you don't understand something, ask your group members to help or go to your teacher.

9. Take advantage of open lab!

10. Repetition is good!

11. Stay focused and be dedicated to the end. (do not become complacent)

12. Pay attention, highlight, underline and jot down anything that is being stressed in class.


Copy down EVERYTHING drawn on the board.  I personally am a very visual  person so would redraw the diagrams MULTIPLE times. If Dr. Hixon says to reference a certain diagram or something in the book, then go back later and study it. I usually reviewed and studied for a couple hours before I went to bed every other night. I used a LOT of flashcards. Going back and reviewing word roots and meanings made it a lot easier to not only understand what the term meant, but to make more connections. Some of the questions on the tests are worded in such a way that, again, if you know what the term means then you can figure out what the answer to the question is. I found it helpful to go back and review previous chapters, not just the ones being studied at the time, because as with many things, it was very cumulative and remembering terms and their meanings from previous chapters made it really easy to learn and remember terms for future chapters.


I found a few things to be really helpful while studying for this course.  The printed off lecture notes contained almost everything that was on the exams.  If there was something else that was important, Dr. Hixon always emphasized it, and I would add it to that sheet.  I also used the mastering A&P website a lot, especially on our histology exam and to study for our brain/special senses final lab exam.  I also made note cards to study for the first few exams.  The little points (such as the 5 point quizzes) make a HUGE difference! Review the material learned the day after lecture and then you will be prepared for pop quizzes. Going to lectures is so important!


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