Course Name: Human Development 111 Instructor: Tom Savage
Course Title: College Success Office: Advising Center, Student Services Building
Class Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am Phone: 563-288-6010
Location: Gaekle 104 Hours: 8-5 Monday - Friday

FALL, 2002

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will assist all new college students to acquire essential skills needed for academic success. The topics covered are campus resources, classroom strategies, library skills, computer resources, and student responsibilities.

COURSE GOALS: It is the objective of College Success to give students training and experiences that will allow them to be successful in their first year and beyond. The purpose of this course is to provide you the opportunity to learn and adopt methods that promote your success in college life.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this class, students will be able to:
  1. List and describe campus resources
  2. Understand and apply classroom strategies
  3. Recognize and employ library skills
  4. Recognize and access campus computer resources
  5. Identify and evaluate their responsibilities as college students.

INSTRUCTIONAL METHODOLOGY: Because of the interactive nature of this course, a variety of instructional methodology will be used including, but not limited to: lecture, group discussion, group activities, video tapes, guest speaker and exploration activities.

Hopper, Carolyn H.. (2001) Practicing College Study Skills. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company

College Success notebook available at the MCC Bookstore

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Realizing that student success in college is largely dependent on attending class, it is imperative that you make an effort to attend every class. On certain occasions, circumstances may arise such as sickness, family issues, child care, hospitalization, and unavoidable transportation problems. In that light, students must contact the instructor if they are absent.

SPECIAL NOTE : If you exceed the number of absences and decide not to speak with the instructor regarding problems or decide not to return to class, it YOUR responsibility to withdraw from the course through the Registrar's office. If your name is on the grade roster at the end of the term and you have not officially withdrawn, a grade of “F” will be recorded.

EVALUATION AND GRADING SCALE: During the course of the semester, you will have the opportunity to earn points through a variety of exercises, tests and projects. The grading scale is as follows:

70% - Passing Less than 70% Failing

This is a Pass/Fail course. There are NO curves. Your grade is reflective of your efforts and achievements. If you are absent on the day of an assigned project or exercise, you will not be allowed to make up that exercise unless prior notice or a medical reason is given. You will be given advance notice when assignments are due. No points are given for work turned in after the due date, but all work must be turned in to pass the course.
If you do not turn in the work within one week of the due date and have not talked to the instructor about extenuating circumstances, you may be asked to withdraw from the course.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Any student who may need an accommodation due to a disability, please make an appointment to see me during my office hours.


Study Guides: There will be 9 Study Guides during the semester to help you prepare for the final exam.

Tests: Each student is required to take one final examination during the semester. The test will cover a variety of materials discussed in class and found in your readings.

Projects and Exercises: During the course of the semester, each student will be asked to complete a variety of assignments that support lecture and reading materials. You will receive points for these activities, and you must earn 75% of the points to pass the class. (See Evaluation and Grading Scale above) No points will be given for late assignments, but all assignments must be turned in to pass the class.

Attendance/In Class Exercises: Attendance is very important in any college level class. In that light, a maximum of 100 points are awarded for your attendance. The breakdown of attendance points follows:
  100 points 0 absences 70 points 3 absences
  92 points 1 absence 0 pointsover 3 absences
  80 points 2 absences  
In-class exercises (100 points) will be awarded as the semester progresses and activities develop.

Calendar for College Success
Fall, 2002

Date Day Activity Assignment
Wed Sept 4 1 Introduction Icebreaker Pre-assessment Introduce Self Syllabus (no late work, subjects to be covered) Points to earn Calendar Explain Study Guide/Journal
Mon Sept 9 2 Things You Need to Know Right Now!
Campus Tour Introduction to Internet And Library
1. Academic Advising – grad requirements
2. Career office/placement
3. Counseling services
4. Skills Center – tutoring
5. Special needs
6. Fin Aid
7. Registration. – drop/add
8. Clubs, activities
9. Library
Things You Need to Know Right Now! Pp 1-9
Wed Sept 11 3 Handbook, Catalog, Grading System Handouts
Mon Sept 16 4 Goal Setting Chapter 3
Wed Sept 18 5 Differences between high school and college Chapter 9 in the book
Mon Sept 23 6 Strategies for effective study time Chapter 1 in the book
Wed Sept 25 7 Chapter 1 continued  
Mon Sept 30 8 Learning styles Chapter 6
Wed Oct 2 9 Introduction and practice of note-taking skills Chapter 5
Mon Oct 7 10 Stress Chapter 8
Wed Oct 9 11 Memory Principles Chapter 4
Mon Oct 14 12 Continue with memory  
Wed Oct 16 13 Basic test-taking skills Chapter 7
Mon Oct 21 14 Research , and pick up take home exam- due in my office October 23 Chapter 10